Can Occupational Therapy Really Heal Me?

Posted February 19, 2013

The World Federation of Occupational Therapy defines occupational therapy as “a form of patient rehabilitation aimed at promoting holistic health and well being by helping individuals perform their day-to-day activities.” Occupational therapy appreciates the connection between the mind and the body. By participating in meaningful activities, a patient will attain a sense of contentment and natural healing will automatically follow. The benefits of occupational therapy include but are limited to:

1. Improvement of the quality of life

In knowing that occupational therapy aims at helping patients in performing his/her day-to-day life, all activities that the patient desires to accomplish should not interfere with a patient’s inability to perform well in those activities. While occupational therapy in Ft Lauderdale  is great at assisting patients back to their normal activities, patients should also be able to perform some basic tasks with little or no assistance. The overall effect is that a patient tends to be more independent, which means that the quality of life is automatically enhanced.

2. Improvement of self-esteem

Not that many people can take certain forms of physical inabilities positively. When you lose your limbs in a car crash, it is easier to complain over your physical challenges rather than appreciate the fact that you are alive. Many patients tend to have a very low self-esteem after sustaining injuries-especially those impairing mobility. Life seems to have come to a standstill for most especially if they were highly productive individuals. But I’d like to think that through Sunrise therapy, the productive life of an individual can be restored. This will in turn boost the self-esteem and increase one’s sense of well being.

3. Improvement of the body’s natural healing process

The body cannot be detached from the state of mind. Without peace of mind, the overall state of health is under jeopardy. The opposite is also true; with a positive mindset, the health is restored. That is why mental stress is listed as being the number one cause of diseases. Yet, stress only affects the mind. Understanding that any form of healing must start from the mind can help improve the body’s natural healing process. Therapy does exactly that; it is aimed at restoring the state of mind by enabling an individual to engage in meaningful activities through occupational therapy. The body’s natural healing process will automatically follow when the state of mind is restored.

With speech therapy in Pembroke Pines, physical therapy, and low vision therapy-among other forms of therapeutic treatment are all apart of the Therapeutic system of healing.